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The Seastar

The Seastar

SeastrSeastar is an ALL-COMPOSITE 12-seat, 10,000-lb. amphibious flying boat. The Seastar CD 2 series aircraft type is LBA and FAA certified to FAR Part 23 amendment 34. It is the top of the line version and will be the first to market. The aircraft is all composite and powered by two reliable Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turboprop engines. It will feature state-of-the-art cockpit avionics, exterior and interior design, layouts, accessories, and comfort systems. The advanced Seastar design incorporates more than 90 years of Dornier engineering know-how and experience in the operation of seaplanes.

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Corporate and General Aviation

The target applications within this segment are personal transportation, corporate air taxi and shuttle service to resorts, yachts and casinos.

Commercial Passenger Transport

The target applications for this segment are air taxi, sightseeing, air medical and corporate fractional ownership.

Governmental and NGO Sector

The target applications for this segment are coastal surveillance, search and rescue, covert operations, drug interdiction, disaster relief, humanitarian, medical and missionary work.

  • Seastar has the unique capability to combine in a single operation surveillance and intervention by landing on water next to the target. On water, Seastar features the maneuverability and speed of a powerboat.
  • The Dornier-typical sponson platforms facilitate personnel, equipment or stretcher ingress and egress on water.
  • Seastar can mask itself from radar at sea (within sea clutter) by loitering on water remotely offshore and close to the target area for extended time periods. Thus, Seastar enables surprise interventions, paramount for the success of many operations.
  • Seastar's capability to combine joint operations of different transport means like helicopters, vessels and fixed wing aircraft in one single mission results in drastic cost savings and increase in operational efficiency.
  • Routine single engine surveillance operation extends on-station endurance to up to 10 hours.
  • Seastar is an electronically quiet aircraft because of its all-composite construction. Radome(s) can be integrated into the fuselage structure (front or side). Seastar inherently eliminates rotor modulation common with helicopters.
  • Composite structure is highly damage tolerant. Wing and fuselage hard points can be added for external stores.
  • Large cabin facilitates multiple sensor consoles and crew member stations. External visibility from the cockpit is well suited for Night Vision Goggles operations.
  • Seastar (with its high horizontal stabilizer) can be flown with a modified cabin door to deliver airdropped material.