Seastar was conceived by the late Professor Claudius Dornier Jr. It represents the unique know-how and experience accumulated at

Seastar Overview

Seastar AircraftUnlike its competitors, which require extensive modification and float attachments for water operations, Seastar is a purpose built aircraft. the first new amphibious seaplane introduced in the last 50 years. Seastar is an FAA and easa certified amphibian capable of landing on runways or water.

In salt water or fresh water, the all-composite construction is impervious to corrosion. and Seastar is a true seaplane that can handle swells up to 2½ feet. powered by two reliable Pratt & Whitney pt6 turboprop engines, seastar’s high speed cruise is 180ktas. The in-line design offers an additional measure of safety to seastar’s twin-engine operations.

With a cabin that is the largest in its class (capable of carrying up to 12 passengers in a commuter configuration), Seastar’s 6 passenger executive interior and fully-enclosed lavatory assures that you and your guests will ride in luxurious comfort.